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Get Your FREE Instant Quote for your new business identity

What Do We Do?

Daystrom Creative Group, LLC is small website design and identity firm located in Phoenix, Arizona. We utilize the core fundamentals of graphic design to achieve extraordinary results in website and business identity design.

Where Did We Come From?

We've been in the graphic and website design business since 1998. The company started in the Chicago area as a small freelance studio. We concentrated on local businesses with the intention of helping them to develop their look and feel on the web through clean and effective graphic design.

From there the company slowly grew. In 2001 we moved our location to Phoenix, Arizona. Still as a small freelance studio, we held to our fundamentals and focused on start up companies and smaller firms and practices to help them establish their identity by delivering great design, on time, and at a fair price.

Daystrom Creative Group, LLC was born in 2006 with the intention of serving the design and identity needs of small business professionals. Our drive is to help these businesses to flourish, prosper, and live. In our recent experience, we've been working to design and nurture the identities of medical practices, catering businesses, landscape design companies, small business professionals, and more.

Why Us?

  • Very Passionate about Small Business.
  • Obsessive Attention to Detail.
  • Excellent Design and Marketing.
  • Exceptional Customer Service and Care.
  • Extremely Competitive Pricing.
  • And We're Just Plain Nice People.

Who Are We?

Jeffrey Carroll - Creative Director

Jeffrey Carroll founded Daystrom Creative Group in 1998. He has over 11 years experience in graphic and website design, marketing, and small business development. Jeff has held the positions of Senior Graphic Designer, Web Marketing Supervisor, and Creative Director for companies such as American Color Graphics, Heathtrac, Inc., and the University of Phoenix.

Jeff's vision of integrating a business owner's personality and environment into the design and marketing, has been a driving force behind Daystrom Creative Group's mission of breathing life into a business's identity. Jeff's extreme level of client care, design and technical skills, and passion for small businesses, enables him to innovate new and exciting ways to grow and promote those businesses.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Website Design from Columbia College of Chicago, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University in Phoenix.

Jeff can be reached at

Jonathon Pitterle - Technical Director

In Jonathon Pitterle's 9 years of experience, he has demonstrated the excellent ability to design and deliver business solutions that are extremely effective, yet not needlessly complex. Jon has held the position of Senior Business Analyst for companies such as VirtualSellers, Inc. and Aspen Marketing Services.

Jon specializes in analyzing the business processes, operations, and usability of all the online systems that are designed and developed at Daystrom Creative Group. His understanding and experience in business systems, operations, and usability bring a logical and simplified approach to managing and designing such frequently over-engineered systems. Jon's skills have proven invaluable in improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and ultimately making the businesses he focuses on more streamlined and profitable.

Jon holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Illinois State University.

Jon can be reached at

Robert Duran - Marketing Director

With over 16 years of experience in advertising and marketing, Robert Duran has worked for three fortune 500 companies, including The Kroger Co., and Supervalu, Inc. as both Senior Graphic Designer and Senior Creative Consultant. His experience also included the position of Art Director for a mid-size advertising agency with accounts that included Jaguar Cars Limited and Luxury Real Estate.

Robert's clean and innovative ideas in advertising, graphic design, and marketing consistently deliver beyond the originally intended message from the client and their business. Robert's goal of always exceeding the expectations of our clients is clearly delivered and shown through his passion for the work he does.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Science in Advertising from the University of Florida, and a Masters of Arts in Graphic Design from Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Robert can be reached at

Shellie Vance - Senior Graphic Designer

Shellie Vance has worked within the graphic design and advertising field for over 20 years. Her experience included the positions of Senior Graphic Designer for The Kroger Co., and Art Director for Relics Architectural Home & Garden.

Shellie's passion for fine art and skills in classic graphic design have been an integral part of our creative process. Her eye for the abstract, along with her fascination for art of all genres, has brought warmth into her designs and is at the heart of our philosophy of incorporating one's personality into the design of their identity.

Shellie holds an Honorary Degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design.

Shellie can be reached at: