Get Your FREE Instant Quote for your new business identity
Get Your FREE Instant Quote for your new business identity


Going back to our graphic design roots is essential when striving for the perfect design for either a website, logo, or high-end brochure. Every project follows a specific design process. We sketch as many rough design ideas as possible, hand-draw a rough design from the approved sketch in pencil, ink out a comprehensive design from the approved rough design, and render the comprehensive design digitally to create the final design.

Graphic design is what drives your identity. It's the very first thing that people notice when they initially visit your website, pick up your direct mail postcard, or are handed your business card. Their first impression of your identity will determine their overall perception of your entire business. Knowing this fact, we place extremely special emphasis and care on how that design delivers your message and presents you and your business as one of quality, integrity, and style.


Following every project's completion, you will be presented with your product's printed design portfolio which includes all sketches, rough designs, comprehensive designs, and the final design.

You will also receive all source code on CD or DVD, along with all images and content that was either provided or acquired for the project.

All necessary documentation will be printed and bound for your reference as part of your identity package as well. All materials are your property. You own all rights of all materials from start to finish of the project.

We believe in full disclosure and honesty at Daystrom Creative Group - it is the backbone of our integrity and promise to you as our client.


Documentation and extremely well-formatted code are two areas that are quintessential in website and online application development. All of our website development, including HTML formatting, CSS styling, PHP language coding, Microsoft .NET programming, and MySQL database programming are meticulously documented and coded to accepted web standards.

All programming is state-of-the-art, yet simplistic and logical so it can be easily edited in the future by our development team, or a third party with the proper skill set. This is extremely important to the overall functionality and scalability of the application.

We don't write "spaghetti code". All of our programming code is separated from the design as best as possible. We do so in order to follow good programming practices, and most importantly to maintain our clean, simple, and logical approach to your overall identity design and development.

Every website that is designed and developed goes through a search engine optimization (SEO) process that ensures that your website ranks at the best possible placement within search engines such as Google™ and Yahoo®.