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Scottsdale Women's Care
I am writing on behalf of Jeffrey Carroll, who designed my website. It was a pleasure to work with Jeff throughout the process. He took a great deal of his time and effort to get a feel for my practice philosophy.

The logo he created was PERFECT! His creativity in carrying a fluid theme throughout the web pages as well as my professional stationary made the experience surprisingly enjoyable. I felt he respected my individuality and genuinely listened to my input. It was really a collaboration.

I make it a habit to ask new patients how then have come to hear about me. MANY of them have commented favorably on my website, even to the extent that it has been the single determining factor bringing some of them to my office. Any future changes to the site will absolutely involve Jeff. My husband is in the process of updating his own site, and we are thrilled to be working with Jeff again! I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Sally T. Wareing, M.D.

Owner, Scottsdale Women's Care

Mega Joy Professional Life Coaching
After just one meeting, Jeff "got me." Right out of the gate, his first design was dead on with what I was looking for. Actually, he went beyond what I asked for and imagined for me what I could not have imagined for myself.

My website couldn't look, feel, or convey what my business is about any better. Jeff is creative, intuitive, and professional, and I am sure that as my business grows and changes, I can count on Jeff to grow and change with it.

Valerie Steiger

Owner, VLS Consulting, Inc.

Catholic Child Care Services, LLC
THANK YOU DAYSTROM CREATIVE GROUP for exceeding my expectations! You captured my vision and took it to the next level with your design along with your willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty!

There were multiple times that you went above and beyond what you were paid for and I greatly appreciated your high levels of customer service. It is obvious you care about the quality of your work and also want to ensure your clients website is more than they ever imagined possible! In my opinion, you could charge double or triple what you currently charge because of the extra time, effort and heart you put into making a vision someone has a reality! I am so fortunate to have found your company to create my dream website. I brag about your work to everyone and will refer you as often as I can. Thank you again for not only having the highest quality of work but for also caring about my success as well every step of the way!

Nicole Mancuso

Owner, Catholic Child Care Services, LLC